During the winter season you might start contemplating updating

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During the winter season you might start contemplating updating

During the winter season, you might start contemplating updating your boiler with something different. After all, boilers are large, erratic, unpredictable things that aren't usually great for the environment. However, it's the 21st century, and you will find lots of greener energy products to choose from. So, have you given any thought to investing in an green water heating system, like a hybrid heat pump?

The hybrid heat pump is a system which combines a heat pump system and a storage tank, so it can heat the water for your home in a totally new way. It's actually solar-powered, but it is an entirely different form of solar powered to the solar panels you see on the roof of your house. In essence, this is how it works - the heat pump utilises the energy in the air to heat your water. As a result it doesn't need the sunlight, unlike solar panel systems. This means the system is effective even in rainy, cloudy conditions - making it great for the winter season! Once it's taken the energy in, it's stored by a type of refrigerant, that then is transformed from a liquid to a gas state. Once the gas is pressurised, it creates the heat which goes directly into your water storage tank, and voila, hot water for your home when you want it.

So what makes hybrid heat pumps so different to solar power systems? Well, to begin with there's no need for solar panels, as pointed out above. Solar panels are often tricky things to take care of - as well as only working on days when you have sunshine, there's going to be the concern that something might possibly block your sunshine and therefore stop the solar energy panels from working. Sure, nothing is putting your home in the shade as you install the panels, but who's going to stop somebody building a ten-storey property next door? When High-Efficient Ceiling Type Side Air Cooler it comes to solar power panels shade means problems. Even something as basic as how your roof is aligned could prevent your solar panels functioning properly.

Another major difference is that you don't need any kind of backup or boost option if you have a heat pump. The changeable nature of the Australian climate ensures that everybody using solar power systems has to have a back-up, and with floods, droughts and cyclones to cope with Australia is fairly unpredictable! The kind of back-up you'll need may differ - you can use an emergency generator or you can use expensive batteries. There's also a third option where you could connect to the grid and use their electrical power if needed, and also provide electrical power back whenever you can.

That might seem like an ideal option, however, even this has its drawbacks. Your utility provider might not agree with it, there can be regulations which don't allow it and also the buy-back price may not be that great. On top of that, it will probably require special equipment. If there's a power outage, your system could continue to feed into a line that the power company believes is dead - as you can imagine, that is going to be unsafe! For that reason, that will be some more specialist kit you'll need to have.

And heat pumps? Simple - you aren't going to have to have any kind of back up solution. This type of system will work 24 / 7, cold and hot, even right down to freezing temperatures. So they are a lot more dependable, and in case that you needed some reassurance, the best systems have a warranty of as much as Fifteen years.

There you go, heat pumps are going to be as green an option for our environment as solar panels, but they're significantly less complicated to setup, more dependable and even operate in just about any conditions. Solar power panels were a great advancement, as well as a massive leap forward in the alternative energy sector, however, it appears that we have progressed once again and heat pump systems might end up being the energy source for the future. If you think the solar hot water systems properties have been needing might be just what you want, there's plenty more information and facts on the web
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During the winter season you might start contemplating updating
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